Launched launched launched

This was the second site I did for Chris, first was Dadzillatv. This is Chris’ personal blog on social media. Chris is seriously passionate about media and building your marketing potential. His passion comes across in his posts.

For this site Chris wanted to go with Thesis as a base theme and then perform some customization (really most Thesis themes look the same). We targeted the header and the navigation as those are the most distinctive parts of Thesis. We also installed Google Analytics and Feedburner so that site traffic can be tracked.

Visit the site and get some great tips on marketing and hopefully his excitement catches you too.

WITA Launched

wita launched
wita launched

Just a few weeks ago I launched WITA a blog on video games, comics and pop culture by WITA.

This was one of the most collaborative designs I have worked on. In fact most of the initial design work was done by WITA herself. I walked her through the process of deciding what the most important things were for her users then through the design process. She came to me with her final design and we made a few tweaks before I implemented it into WordPress.

It was a joy to work with WITA and get a great clean but fresh design for her site. Go check it out.

CSS Inspections Launched

I recently launched CSS Inspections a website for a home inspector named Greg McHale located in the Durham Region of Ontario.

This was a great project full of some simple and fun wordpress and jQuery trickery. Check out the contact form on the sidebar that unwinds and stays open until you have completed the form and it has been submitted properly. See a screenshot below.

CSS Inspections screenshot