Rails Resources

Today is a round up of resources for learning Ruby on Rails. Many of these were given to me by Miles at coderpath and the guys at FV.rb.

  • Working with Rails a site for all of those that are involved with Ruby on Rails. There is a cool ranking system that encourages you to participate in the rails community. See my profile and connect with me.
  • Learning rails podcast. Just started this one but it was recommended. Not one to listen to in the car or while walking the dog. You really have to pay attention to get the info.
  • Rails lessons on Smashing Magazine. Just as I started to learn Ruby on Rails Smashing Magazine started a series on learning Rails. The link provided is to a search so it should be up to date with their information on Ruby on Rails.
  • Learning Rails book. Yeah I know the dead tree version is bad for the environment but I just don’t do PDF books. Anyway, this book was recommended at the book for designers that want to learn Ruby on Rails. Frontend deisgner/developers just think a bit different than those backend peeps and this book is supposed to be way better for us. I’ve started it and nothing seems hard to understand yet but I’ll put up a full review when I finish.
  • Peepcode: Professional Ruby on Rails screencasts. Not a free option but if you need to learn ROR fast this is supposed to be the way to do it. Not quite ready to spend money on this but if I’m looking for screencasts I’m going no further.

That’s the list that I was given. What are the Ruby resources you recommend?

Side Projects Keep you Smart

Most creatives work on side projects. Side projects keep us fresh they force us to learn new concepts or programming languages that just makes us better at our normal work. It can also open up new opportunities in our careers.

Currently I have two new side projects. First I have been a registered Apple developer for a long time but I have decided to make use of that. I will be starting to develop iPhone apps. Really this is mainly for my fulltime job but I am pretty interested in this so I’ll be spending my own time on it.

Second I’ll be putting some time into learning Ruby on Rails. I started attending a local meetup (the only one on my area) that is a meetup of Ruby guys. They have got me excited about developing with Ruby.

Upcoming I’ll probably be putting up some screencasts of my work in both of these fields. Wish me luck and hey if any of you are good at these things I’d love some links to resources and tips to watch out for in the comments.