Moving a WordPress Blog Part 2

So tonight was the time to really start the design of the blog. I logged back into the back end of wordpress only to notice that the build I was currently working on was not the current build. Sucks for me but ultimately better to find out now before I have any visual styling done (or any posts hosted over there).

With this new information I embarked on a quest to download WordPress 2.6.1. With that done I started to check out the documentation. To start I used FireFTP to download a local backup of all of the files on the WP blog I am working on.

The upgrade documentation also suggested a backup of the databases be done but since I have no posts on the site I figured I can skip this part.

With the download done all I really had to do was to follow the file handling instructions provided by wordpress and upload all of the files that need to be changed.

When I went back to the blog to log-in it did say that I need to upgrade my database and that it may take a while. Since I don’t currently have any posts over there it only took a few seconds.

That’s it for tonight. I have a wordpress blog upgraded to 2.6.1 and everything looks fine.

Moving a WordPress Blog

Over the next few weeks I will be moving this hosted blog to a self hosted site as part of my continued effort to improve my search engine optimization and marketing. I thought that it would be fun to take you along. So….

After doing some research (this is my first wordpress implementation) I decided to download and install a free naked theme…Which really means I went over to Ellliot Jay Stocks site and downloaded the ‘starker’ theme.

Now that I have started off on a clean slate I will be adding some styling over the next few weeks (hopefully sooner). In my research I also noticed that Chris Coyier over at CSS-Tricks did a series of screencasts on designing for wordpress so I will be watching those as I head down this road.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.