WP e-Commerce Drag and Drop Sorting Bug

Today we’ll look at a bug (yeah another one) in WP e-Commerce that deals with ajax product sorting. The short story is that if you use the drag and drop sorting of products while viewing all categories you’re screwed. Yeah that’s right you’ll get duplicate products and not all of the products will show up.

While this is annoying it’s not all that hard to fix. Jump into PHP MyAdmin and the wpsc_products_order table and remove all products with a category id of 0. Refresh your site and you’re fixed.

No don’t use the product like you thought you could. If you want to read some more about the ‘fun’ WP e-Commerce brings to a project I wrote a bit about it. I also took a stab at making a WP e-Commerce theme that sucks less.

Watch the video for full instructions.