Bit of my blogging history

Brian and I had an exchange about our blogging histories. I figured that I’d round up some stats about my personal writing.

This site (personal)

My first blog post on this site was August 8 2008. It was a giveaway of some free Photoshop brushes. Since then I’ve written 664 posts.

My 664 posts are spread across 29 categories. No my categories didn’t get totally out of hand, I used to have many sites.

See I wanted to keep this site focused on WordPress development and design so I had a site about productivity and a site about cycling. No links because I merged those 2 years ago and write about pretty much anything I want here.

No this site isn’t really focused, unless you consider whatever I’m interested in a focus. Over the last 6 months many of my topics have been business and customer focused. Some highlights include:

This site has seen 103,000 pageviews since I started using stats. I see about 10k pageviews a month currently and a handful of comments.

WP Theme Tutorial

In September 2011 I decided that I needed to move my WordPress tutorials out to their own site and WP Theme Tutorial was born. With the addition of my cycling site and productivity site, I was simply drowning any decent WordPress content I had. I also had some ideas for products that I wanted to sell and felt that a dedicated WordPress site was the best vehicle to get that going.

WP Theme Tutorial has 189 posts spread across 13 categories. I’ve been much more careful about my categories there, but really I could reduce them and be a bit more focused on certain topics.

My total pageviews since I started tracking are 76,000 with a monthly average somewhere around 5,000.


Moving forward I’m going to keep both sites going as they are. Typically 5 posts a week here and 1 – 2 on WP Theme Tutorial. I’ve got lots of topics around so it shouldn’t be hard.

How about you? Care to share any stats?

The Daily News: Stolen designs, site conversion, and usability

Let’s start today with an article from Freelance Switch (FSW) on Intellectual Property Resources. All of us designers get worried about our design work getting stolen. It seems that when this happens it’s hard to do much about it. The list provided by FSW gives you places to find your legal rights.

Second up is an article on redesigning your blog. Most of us, myself included, think of a ground up redesign when they want to change their site or blog. What about just tweaking the look. Read the article for some good ideas on how to make small changes that will impact your users greatly.

All websites are trying to get more traffic and keep it. This article from conversion rate experts details 14 free tools for tracking your website. I am particularly interested in the heat map stuff from crazy egg. I am currently going to redesign my portfolio and blog, and actually the site at my fulltime job, and this will come in handy in testing designs.

Finally today we look at usability. This is an article that challenges you not to think of site usability as an after thought but as the first thought in a site. I truly think that this should be the case. In any major redesign I do I want to make it easier to use, I call it ‘stupid simple.’ Many of the resources from the last article would help greatly in making an existing site more usable.

The News — XTHML, the economy and your social blog

First up today is a reasonably technical article on XHTML myths and realities. Written by a member of the W3C this article goes over the start of HTML and the morph to XHTML. It comments on browser support and ultimately recommends that you write HTML 4.0 instead of XHTML. A real interesting article that get you thinking about your markup and the future of XHTML.

We all know that the economy is bad. Various countries are having a harder time but ultimately it has the potential to affect us all. The second article today runs through how to overcome the bad economy as a designer. The author recommends being different from your competition and providing a good ROI. This also made me think of a post over at Freelance Switch. Read through it and pay particular attention to the comment by FreelanceMan.

Finally today I recommend a post on increasing the interactivity of your blog. Lots of good ideas, some of which you will see here in the coming months, but I really think community forums are often not a great idea. It takes thousands upon thousands of people on a forum to make it look like there is anyone there. I know one forum that I frequent that has 4000 registered users and it often doesn’t see posts for a few weeks at a time. I suppose I am cautioning you in starting a forum not saying it’s a bad idea.