Are you profitable? Are you paying yourself market rates?

Despite having the best year financially in my business last year, it felt like the hardest. Today I’m going to talk about some of the changes I’m making in 2017 to make my business way more profitable.

Hear the Digital Agency Show where they talk about paying yourself market rates and how profitable you are.

Don’t fool yourself, it’s a long hard road to a successful business

Don’t fool yourself in to thinking that you can start a business with anything but a lot of work. It’s a long hard road to start a business and keep it successful.

Today I talk about that work in the context of running and the years it takes to really hit your peak.

Sometimes there are consequences when you choose family instead of work

If you’re winning at business and ruining your family, kids, spouse, partner, or relationships you’re still failing.

Today I’m talking about a real life example where I picked my family and our house rules. Someone was mad at me and called me a bunch of not so nice names. They said they looked forward to telling people how unprofessional I was.

I still made the right decision.

Why productive people embrace constraints

The biggest problem with digital tools is their lack of constraints. If you use OmniFocus you can put 10,000 things in your inbox. It gets to a point where you never look because you know there is so much there you never want to see.

Today I’m going to talk about how I embrace paper as a constraint with my book notes and my task management.

I’m going to talk about how I embrace a huge constraint on my hours to make sure that I’m very effective with my time at work.

Is Your Warranty Actually Worth Anything

There is a roofing company in Chilliwack that says they have a warranty. They use lots of fluffy language to talk about how awesome their warranty is, but the truth is, they have no warranty.

See every time there is any problem with your roof, they take months to come see it and there is always an excuse why whatever problem is happening is not their fault.

Today I’m going to talk about them a bit more and then about 3 companies that have awesome warranties.

We’ll discuss what type of warranty you should be providing.

Your Site Is Pretty And Thats About It

If you’re site says things like:

Premium WordPress Consulting


A Genuinely Nice and Totally Awesome Agency


Business focesed WordPress Development

You say absolutely nothing. I mean who’s ever going to say the opposite like “We’re not nice and we’re a terrible agency”?

That’s right no one.

Today we’re going to talk about what you should say on your site instead so that you speak to the needs and problems that your prospects have.