It’s hard right now, so I’m doing one thing

I’ve said it before when things are hard work the plan, but that doesn’t make it easy when things are hard. Right now, things are hard for me and with it being hard I’m still working the plan. In fact I’m doing less and focusing on the one thing that will make everything else obsolete. […]

No More Rescues

…when the Rescuer intervenes, he can create a vexing and all too pervasive performance disconnect, by depriving people of the feedback that comes from the natural consequences of mistakes. While the manager sees failure and a gap they have to step in and close, employees often see success. – Multipliers This isn’t just for managers. […]

Are you leaving poop in your wake?

What level of service do you provide? Is it amazing or is it adequate or is it terrible? Over the last two years, we’ve hired two different house/dog sitters. Our first was good. The dog was alive and tired out and the house was clean. The second was…barely adequate. Two weeks later we’re still trying […]

Kids are the worst clients

While talking with a friend recently (HI TimTim), I came across the idea that kids are the worst client. If you’re running a business and your spouse/partner is watching the kids, they spend most of their day dealing with the worst clients. They complain about putting on their shoes. They fight about getting out the […]

Sovann Pen on integrating your big entrepreneurial ideas and family

Today I get to talk to Sovann Pen. Sovann is a Counsellor based in Portland Oregon. In this episode we talk about: How his private practice didn’t work out Taking your spouses concerns into account with your entrepreneurial ideas How family/parenting impacts your work You can find the links to the resources we talked about […]

There is no such thing as a high paying client

The Pro coach knows there is no such thing as a high-paying client. Your fees are just a filter for the clients you’d love to coach. – The Prosperous Coach I know that most of you aren’t coaches so you might initially discount the quote above. You’d be stupid though. If you’re tired of working […]

Want Succes – Build A Routine

Routine is crucial and for most people that are struggling with getting work done the fact is that they don’t have it. They start their day in some random way that just happened to them after a few years in the business. Unfortunately for almost everyone, it starts with email. A scattered place where you […]

Don’t let little things derail you

What do you let break your focus? How much does that thing really matter in the grand scheme of things? Today I’m going to talk about a few weeks ago running where I let something with my watch affect my mindset. It almost stopped me cold in my tracks, and it really was nothing.

Why I went out of touch for 2 weeks

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was on vacation. You got no emails from me for almost 2 whole weeks. Well, you got two actually. One today and one last Friday for things I already had done. While I was gone, I wrote no emails. I didn’t sit down and write a blog […]