Which tasks will you Decide to Suck at This Week?

My secret project is done now because I decided to suck at a bunch of tasks this week until the big one was done.

It was easy to decide what to do when I answered this ONE question: “What is the one task this week I can do that will make everything else easy or irrelevant”.

It kept coming back to the video course so I did it.

Brent Hammond on Managing Your Energy

Today I had the great pleasure of talking to Brent Hammond. I went to one of Brent’s courses in Vancouver a few years ago and when I was thinking of someone that I wanted to talk to about work life and rest, he was on the top of my list.

Today Brent and I talk about:

  • why money is not your key resource
  • focus on your energy
  • you make a huge difference to your business
  • are you checking in with your energy levels?
  • 30 minutes when focus is tough and then repeat
  • plan what modes you’ll work on in what time
  • The ONE Thing book
  • A Slight Edge book

You can find out more about Brent on his site at brenthammond.com

Week 5 Update and the importance of rest

We’re in week Five of my final 12 week year and the pace I’ve been running at just shows me that, rest is so important. The first four weeks I got so much more done, but I’m already feeling how hard it is to keep running at a pace that I knew was not sustainable for the long term.

Today I talk about:

  • rest and trying to do too much
  • what it means to do something well, and why you might want to prioritize that over simply ‘more’
  • focus and maker vs manager time plus getting used to having manager time and being okay with that

How is your final 12 weeks of the year going? What are you struggling with?

Recappingthe 4th week of my 12 week year

Recapping the 4th week of my last 12 Week Year.

  • kids were sick again so I had to change focus
  • bootcamp is on track fine
  • I’ll need to use my blank 6th week to make up some of the product work that hasn’t happened yet

The 8 Week Business BootCamp

Despite a Hard Week for Focus, We’re doing good

Today is the third week of my 12 Week Year, and it was a tough one. Most of Wednesday was gone with my wife working and me watching kids. This won’t be normal, since she won’t always be teaching figure skating all day.

Other than that, we’re on track.

How is your 12 Week Year going?

Join me for 12 weeks of Accountability

We’re doing something a bit different on the podcast for most of the next 12 weeks. I’ve got a number of products to launch and you’re going to join me for 12 weeks to see how it goes and how far we get.

Join me with your own 12 weeks of goals.

What Path Are You Building For Yourself

There is a great book called Switch that I just finished reading. It uses the metaphor of an Elephant and a Rider to talk about change.

The rider can only control the elephant for so long. At some point the elephant can just go where it wants to and the rider is along for the ride.

This is a great analogy of decision fatigue. We end up way too tired to say no to the things we should be saying no to.

The final thing they advise, is one of the most crucial things.

Shaping your path.

If you don’t want to be on social media so much, delete the applications from your phone.

If you don’t want to waste time watching Netflix, cancel the subscription.

If you want to write more, then maybe use your iPad with no social media applications and iMessage turned off.

One of the best ways to succeed is to engineer your environment so that you have the best chance of succeeding.

What you DO matters, not what you INTEND to do

You may say to yourself “I could have built Facebook” or whatever. There are no new ideas under the sun.

You may say “I’m going to be a great husband”. That’s a great sentiment, but if you don’t actually do anything about it, then the sentiment doesn’t matter at all.

You need to go listen to this podcast from Jocko that goes deeper into the idea that, what you do matters, not what you intend to do.

Jocko Podcast 91

It’s hard right now, so I’m doing one thing

I’ve said it before when things are hard work the plan, but that doesn’t make it easy when things are hard.

Right now, things are hard for me and with it being hard I’m still working the plan. In fact I’m doing less and focusing on the one thing that will make everything else obsolete.

Listen to today’s show to hear more and start asking yourself: What’s your ONE thing?