How do I get so much content out and ship so much code?


I’m wanting to venture out on my own, but I’m having a hard time staying focussed. How do you get so much stuff done and avoid distractions?

Yes we went back in time to episode 2. They were recorded in a different order, that infront recording just couldn’t wait.

Picking Projects Back Up

We all have to stop working at some point every day, but how do we remember where we left off on the project? Today I’ve got a few tips around how I remember where I was in my code and how I keep track of all of the tabs I had open for a project. I’d love to hear your methods for making sure you don’t spend hours each week just figuring out where you were in a project.

WPMU Dev – Terrible Usability

As with much blogging this screencast is born of a rant about how WPMU Dev disrespects paying customers with their stupid WordPress admin notifications. After all the stuff that flies around about them plus the terrible usability and the long on promise short on delivery stuff regarding their plugins in their forums I’m not a recommender of their products. They’re not terrible but I’d look for alternatives if I was you.


WordPress Screen Options

Today we’ll look at a WordPress feature that many people just don’t know about. In all honesty I didn’t know about it till WordPress 3.0 came along and I wanted to add class names to my menus. There are lots of ways to clean up your dashboard and post editing screen and lots of ways to expose some extra functionality all available from screen options.


WP e-Commerce Drag and Drop Sorting Bug

Today we’ll look at a bug (yeah another one) in WP e-Commerce that deals with ajax product sorting. The short story is that if you use the drag and drop sorting of products while viewing all categories you’re screwed. Yeah that’s right you’ll get duplicate products and not all of the products will show up.

While this is annoying it’s not all that hard to fix. Jump into PHP MyAdmin and the wpsc_products_order table and remove all products with a category id of 0. Refresh your site and you’re fixed.

No don’t use the product like you thought you could. If you want to read some more about the ‘fun’ WP e-Commerce brings to a project I wrote a bit about it. I also took a stab at making a WP e-Commerce theme that sucks less.

Watch the video for full instructions.