What Good Employee Feedback Looks Like

Most businesses do employee feedback in the form of a yearly review. It’s what they’ve heard someone else does and by making it yearly, they only have Schedule time for it once a year. But there are a few issues with that. First, you’re showing that you don’t value it if you’re thinking trends towards […]

Your Team is NOT Comprised of Adult Sized Children

People are considered adults in their private lives, at the bank, at their children’s schools, with family and among friends — so why are they suddenly treated like adolescents at work? Why can’t workers be involved in choosing their own leaders? Why can’t they speak up — challenge, question, share information openly? – The Seven […]

Your Stupid Waffle Language

Vagueness allows an escape from responsibility. I can never be “wrong” about anything, because I can always claim to have been misinterpreted. – Academic Language and The Problem of Meaninglessness How do you commit to things with your clients? I know they may not understand every little technical detail of what’s going on. The thing […]

Dealing with a Micromanaging Client

Have you ever had a client that checks in 27 times a day? One that tells you exactly where to push that pixel? One that judges everything you do down to the last tiny detail? That’s called a micromanager. Most times, they don’t actually realize what they’re doing. The first thing you need to do […]

That time Drip didn’t offer me solutions to my problems

Gather ’round, it’s story time. This is a story of woe and it may include some profanity, though it’s edited for the under aged among us. It’s the grand tragic tale of how it cost me $1250 to get started using Drip. It’s a cautionary tale for you, as you look at your client services. […]

3 questions to ask when you see a shortcut to profits

As as developer, I’ve written lots of code for clients, and many of those pieces of code can be reused for new projects. Where clients think we’re building something totally new, I can see how under the hood we’re building a new UI on a similar idea from a previous client. When I see these […]

How to keep yourself organized during a project

I’m proud of you — you’ve won some client work. You were smart and took your time. You asked the right questions and listened to the answers your prospect provided. You gave them options to choose from and turned their decision from whether to work with you or someone else into a decision about which […]

How to start running effective meetings today

If you’re still in a job and looking to get out working for yourself, one of the best things you can do is to start running better meetings. In almost every company someone can call a meeting with 10 people that costs over $1,000/hour but would never actually spend $1,000 of company money. Then on […]

GTD and My Productivity Apps in 2016

Just about this time in 2014 I wrote about my use of Redbooth and examined Nozbe vs Todoist. Out of those two posts I said I was going to use Todoist for all my personal tasks and all my client work. While there’s plenty to like about Redbooth, for me, the friction involved in task […]

3 things you need to do when you finish a project

Closing projects is lots of fun. I mean, it’s the time you get to send invoices and get money into your bank account. You get a rush from that feeling of success and of course that’s it — the project is over, right? Well yes. Sort of. The project work may be finished, but the […]