A Reminder on Quality by @shawnblanc

This is a struggle for most creators. Do we pump out more content or ‘better’ content. What is better content anyway?

I’ll be talking more with my email list about this in the coming weeks as I look at what type of content they want. Do they want shorter stuff, link posts, 20k word pieces to dig in to?

There is also another side to this, what is quality to me? Is it shorter stuff (sometimes) is it longer stuff (sometimes). You must test your ideas with your audience, but you must stay true to what you enjoy doing.

If you can’t do that, then you’re going to be producing crap and people will notice.

Quality Over Quantity from Shawn

12 Questions from @ryanholiday that will change your life

I work through a bunch of these questions over Christmas every year. Why Christmas? Well I shut down all work so I have a bunch of time to invest in it when clients don’t expect answers. I don’t actually do yearly goals, I focus on Quarterly sprints and particularly on the actions I need to do to make things fly in those sprints. The actions I need to take weekly to make them happen. I hope you’ve taken some time to answer questions like this to make your 2018 better than your 2017 was.

If you haven’t then expect more of the same. The greatest predictor of your future success is the actions you’re taking today.

See Ryan’s 12 Questions

A great list of books read in 2017 from @patrickrhone

Books books, I love books. Patrick Rhone has done his yearly update on the books he’s read along with short reviews.

You know I write long reviews of books, but you’ll also find an ever growing resource of quotes and books I’ll be building out during 2018 for your reference.

I picked through Patrick’s list and grabbed:

  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Scratch
  • A Walk in The Woods

Head over to Patrick’s site if you’re looking for purchase links.

Check out what Patrick Rhone has read

The Blogsmith looks at 52 weeks of Reading

No secret, I read a bunch and I’m planning on reading a bunch more. Unless something huge changes in the next few days, I’m at 82 books for the year which is the most I’ve read since I started tracking.

I’m not the only big reader, and I’m not the only person that writes about it. I’ve got 4 books ready to go for the weeks in January and 3 others I need to write about.

If you’re ready for a recap of reading then check out the takeaways from Maddy Osman below.

The Blogsmith – Lessons Learned from 52 Weeks of Reading

A Goal Without a System is Just a Dream

From Shawn Blanc on Two Goal-Setting Camps.

A goal without a system is just a dream. Something you’d love to see happen but which you’re not taking any meaningful action toward.
And a system without a goal is just a rote discipline that’s not taking you anywhere in particular.

I’m not sure which of Shawn’s camps I fall into. I create goals for 12 weeks and focus on the actions that need to happen in those weeks. I stick to three main areas that may look like this:

  1. Get Clients – which would have a bunch of outreach actions and I’d be tracking how many people I connected with
  2. Personal – not fitness related because I just run/ride/hike/climb but usually food related because I need to get better here
  3. A product – so the actions that need to happen to launch a book or something

Outside of that I have routines, like every day of the week I get up and read for an hour and write for two hours. Then I take a break and get back at work after an hour or two running or hanging out with the kids or taking a walk.

I detail that even more in my 8 Week Business BootCamp if you want to start setting better goals.

Make sure you check out Shawn’s site next Friday because he’s awesome, and I trust him when he says he’s going to drop a great approach for achieving your goals.

I know I’ll be watching it.

Don’t Buy Distractions

From You Are Buying Distractions, Your Productivity is Making a Loss

We need to make a space for thoughts by de-cluttering our space and working area. Removing all extras and distracting elements. Let it be your cell phone if that’s the case. Not forever but for the time being, you are set to perform a task, how little it could be, how fewer hours it asks for. Do all it takes to let your grey cells get the vital breathing space for them to actually get a crack at doing chores!


Working at the same time as receiving E-mails and calls cuts short any given person’s IQ by about ten points when taken in comparison with working in quietude.

I read this with only the browser open and Ulysses beside it so I can write in case something comes up. In fact, I read it the first time with Hazeover on.

This lack of distraction, lack of letting anyone have a say on my time is why I use a paper task management system. You’ll hear more about that in Q1 2018.

We’re heading into a holiday season. Put your phone down. If it’s your camera, put it in Airplane mode and just use it like a camera. Hang out with your loved ones.


Keep that reset going and put your devices away while you’re working. All the noise will be there after you’ve shipped awesome stuff.