Cal Newport and Techno-materialism

Two new words for me: techno-materialism & techno-humanism

The problem with techno-materialism is that just because a new technology was better than the old, or did something new and interesting, didn’t mean that it made us happier

While he never says it, Newport, is talking about Any Benefit thinking again.

The Any-Benefit Approach to Network Tool Selection: You’re justified in using a network tool if you can identify any possible benefit to its use, or anything you might possibly miss out on if you don’t use it.

Yes it’s ironic I write this from my phone.

Go read the rest of what Newport has to say.

I also have a friend that never left his flip phone. Never sends text messages has a rotary phone and a fax machine. I tease him but I’m also envious of the focus time he can have for any task at hand.

Social Media does not equal a platform

Today I would like to explain why I feel that if you are an author or artist, you DO NOT need social media in order to have “a platform.” Plus: I’ll tell you exactly what will make agents and publishers happy, even if you never touch social media.

We all need a platform of some fashion. We need to sell new sites, or podcast editing services.

We need people to sell those things to.

We need a platform to tell them about it and sell it.

Building a platform is not having a bunch of followers. Spending all day on Twitter, or your social media poison of choice, does not mean you’re building a platform.

Interact with people. Do it on social media sure, but just build relationships that have trust in them.

People buy from those they trust.

Can You have a Platform Without Social Media? Yes.

Copy Stuff from @austinkleon

I liked reading this as I embark on a 365 project to draw one thing a day.

I’m only like 15 days in and I’ve started to wonder about just copying stuff and following tutorials.

Am I really doing “art” then.

See I have a long term goal for a book. I want to write a book and have a comic strip with it. I’m a decent way off the comic strip part, but I’m going to keep copying.

If what I say is helpful, just steal it and use it please. You’ll find exactly what works for you at some point in the process.

Cal Newport on Facebook’s Smoke Screen

Outrage-invoking political content might have been good business for Facebook, but in its absence, this company’s attention engineers can tap into any number of other distraction wells to keep users compulsively tapping the little blue icon on their phone – Facebook’s Smoke Screen

I’m not a fan of how social media steals our attention. The worst for me is Instagram and scrolling through the feed aimlessly. It cost me an hour of sleep this week.

The thing is, I enjoy posting pictures. I question myself, is it because people like them or just because I like posting pictures?

Either way, loosing an hour of sleep to see silly pictures in their recommended images for people I don’t even know is a vapid waste of my time.

I need to take more steps to cut that crap out of my life because just like Facebook, Instagram, is only invested in stealing my time.

Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen

Podcast on Rules for life

12 Rules for Life

The big takeaway here is that the little things add up. If you’re laying around making excuses, that’s what it adding up.

If you’re kicking ass, or trying to, that’s what’s adding up.

If you’re taking a step on the path towards kicking ass. That’s what is adding up.