Take your time or head for burnout

I take pretty much every Friday for myself no matter how much client work is happening. Most Friday’s are spent screencasting and learning new things, because we all need time to practice. Then the afternoon is a bike ride with a stop at a local coffee shop. On top of that I’ve been known to […]


I watched Horrible Bosses last night. The premise is that these 3 guys have terrible bosses and that they are ‘stuck’ in their jobs. They have to put up with all this crap for their bosses and have no place to turn but stick with that job. That is a load of bullshit If you […]

Inbox 0 with Mailbox and Boomerang

I try to accomplish inbox 0 each day. It doesn’t always happen but I almost never have more than 2 or 3 emails sitting in my inbox at the end of the day. I certainly don’ think that inbox 0 is the ‘dream’ that some people do. I see it on a regular basis. The […]

Strategies to stop wasting time

As a solo consultant I don’t make money unless I’m billing it to clients. That means coffee breaks and lunches aren’t paid. Talking with the neighbour is not paid. Getting the mail not paid. So how do I keep myself on track with projects so I can be sure I’m getting paid each week? Define […]

Putting aside time to write

My friend Matthew has been trying to write a blog post a day and has been having trouble with it. I think that every writer has this at some point. They day to day of life (kids, laundry, clients/job) just gets in the way of what we want to do. If you’re thinking that this […]

Shortcuts to make your Evernote workflow faster

I’m gearing up to write a few big posts on Evernote, but I figured I’d give you a taste today. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts and methods I use to make Evernote more useful to my workflow. Evernote Shortcuts All of these are executed inside the Evernote application. ⌃⌘m – Move a note […]

Forget your Haters

One of the great podcasts I have started listening to is EntreLeadership. If you want to get great advice from proven leaders here is a spot to do it. The most recent episode (as of April 22, 2013) is with Jon Acuff about his book start. One of the best things they talk about is […]

What is my Single Purpose?

In episode 185 the Internet Business Mastery podcast talks about your single motivating purpose. I’ve got to say that I’m simply not sure. Yes my business is doing well, but I can’t say that the extra cash is actually increasing my happiness. We have no debt already and we can plan for a few months […]

Learning the Stress email Causes

note: I found this in my archives of posts. I went through this about 8 months ago but thought it was interesting now to see where I’m at with email and how I got there. In the summer of 2011, I moved this site from a single WordPress install on GoDaddy (I didn’t know any […]

No One Will Care

Recently I was sitting talking with my wife about the current state of our kitchen. It all functions, but it’s often a bit cluttered. I won’t say messy because the sink is full of clean dishes rather than dirty ones. We both feel some social burden to make sure we have put away all those […]