Keep the negative away by Broadcasting Happiness

Ugh. Who watches the news anymore? If you do, you’re going to get a solid dose of everything that’s wrong with the world. News thrives on eyeballs and tragedy draws the eyeballs. Yet in the midst of all of this gloom and doom, we encounter Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan, a former top newscaster turned […]

These 7 Essential Questions will improve your relationships

Everyone is a coach — even you — although it may not say that on your nameplate. You may not have employees, and thus don’t need to coach them to be awesome, but you’re still a coach. You may not be a business coach like me and get paid to help people run an awesome […]

Need help today? Look back at these ancient thoughts

The truth is, there are no new ideas. Everything I’m writing, and that any author is writing, has been written. With that in mind we don’t need to simply look to the new books being written. In fact, in many cases there is much more to be gained from reading things written long ago. So […]

How to make income automatic by building a subscription business

One of the biggest faults with many creative businesses is that a client does a project with you and then they’re done. That single purchase was all they needed — you’ve solved their most pressing problems and they’re going to run with the solution. Moving from one-off projects to recurring revenue is the dream of […]

7 Techniques to Make Your Business Brilliant

We all look to currently successful people and try to deduce what it is that they have done to achieve the success they have. We’re particularly fascinated by those who started with little and have become millionaires. That’s why Business Brilliant is an appealing book to read — it’s all about the things millionaires do […]

How to transform your business with generosity

Who doesn’t like presents? If you’re saying to yourself right now that you don’t like presents…I don’t believe you. We all love something special at Christmas, our birthday or on Valentine’s Day. Even better are those surprise gifts that come on some random Tuesday — in fact, those may be the best gifts. They show […]

Is your ego getting in the way of the life you want?

What is our ego? For many of you, the thought of ego may conjure visions of a character like Megamind with a huge head and huge brain. I want you to think of the character whose head is huge not because they have a huge brain, but because they can’t get over themselves. They think […]

What is Essential in your life?

Quick question: Do you want to be scattered, running around like a chicken with your head cut off or do you want to be able to focus on the most fun, Essential parts of your work? Yeah that’s a softball — pretty much everyone is going to choose to focus on work that’s Essential. With […]

Marketing the Duct Tape Way

Over the years I’ve recommended Duct Tape Marketing more than once. I read it when I was getting my business started and found it very helpful. Any book that sticks with you for years is worth reading a second time. This is the real test of a book’s sticking power — if it holds your […]