Slack is bad for you

So many great quotes in this piece on Slack: slack empowers your worst people to overwhelm your best. It has that in common with the open office. It normalizes interruptions, multitasking, and distractions, implicitly permitting these things to happen IRL as well as online. It normalizes insanely short reply times for questions. In the slack […]

What are you working for?

We work our lives away to buy objects of luxury instead of enjoying the luxury of our time on earth. We should be yearning for free time to do what we want, not what we must. We should want time to do the things we like, not the things we dislike. Forget the desk job. […]

Cal Newport and Techno-materialism

Two new words for me: techno-materialism & techno-humanism The problem with techno-materialism is that just because a new technology was better than the old, or did something new and interesting, didn’t mean that it made us happier While he never says it, Newport, is talking about Any Benefit thinking again. The Any-Benefit Approach to Network […]

Social Media does not equal a platform

Today I would like to explain why I feel that if you are an author or artist, you DO NOT need social media in order to have “a platform.” Plus: I’ll tell you exactly what will make agents and publishers happy, even if you never touch social media. We all need a platform of some […]

What are you going to do about it?

We are overloaded with daily opportunities to learn. It starts early, from the time we read our morning newspapers, it ends late, after we’ve watched the late night news before bedtime, and we’re hit all day in between with digital feeds and streaming news reports. Then there are the magazines, books, people, seminars, and training […]

Paid to Think has 2 Good Ideas Wrapped in a Stack of Turtles

So much of what we do in work is thinking. Yes, developers type code onto the “page” and that code is what clients think they’re paying for. The truth is that they’re paying for you to make smart decisions. Learning to make those smart decisions, with proper information, is what Paid to Think, by David […]

The Inbox 0 Pipedream

No matter how many personal productivity techniques you master, there will always be more to do than you can ever accomplish in the time you have available to you, no matter how much time it is. – Eat That Frog1 Your inbox will continue to fill up with the stuff others think is important for […]

Juggling Kids and Work

Many of you aren’t stay at home Mom bit don’t let the podcast topic throw you off. This is a great podcast on priority and how to juggle it with family commitments How A Stay at Home Mom Works on Her One Thing

You’re idea sucks…unless

I’ve been thinking a bunch about freelance billing and what I need to help my business run well. What I want to see in terms of numbers in the business. How a system could help me set goals for my finances and then provide incentives to keep to those goals. There are lots of freelance […]

@tferriss on building a winning blog or podcast

Great podcast on some of what it takes to build a great blog or podcast. I said great because the measure should be your own not just listens or views. What measure matters to you? Listen now