If You’re Overworked and Overloaded, implement a pull based system

Work-life balance. The elusive word/idea/thing that we strive for. What does it mean to be “balanced” in work and life? Does it mean that we spend 8 hours working and 8 hours with family every day? Does it mean that we spend all our time working and then create some epic trip or event to […]

Hard Challenges Provide Value, Are You Solving Hard Problems?

Effectiveness in life does not come from focusing on what is automatic, easy, or natural for us. Rather, it is the result of how we consciously strive to meet life’s harder challenges, grow beyond our comforts, and deliberately work to overcome our biases and preferences, so that we may understand, love, serve, and lead others. […]

Are you the jerk that works all night and breaks the project?

Until about ten years ago, we admired those who could survive on only four hours of sleep and those stalwarts who worked through the night. They were heroes, people whose fierce devotion and commitment revealed everyone else’s fecklessness and frailty. Then, as sleep science reached the mainstream, we began to change our attitude. That sleepless […]

@pjrvs on the cost of opportunities

Whether taking the opportunity is beneficial or not, there’s always a price. It’s our job to decide whether or not the price is worth it. How will it benefit us, our business, or brand, or long-term relationship with our customers or clients? – The true cost of an amazing opportunity This is why no is […]

You’re not making sales because you’re easily replaced

If your organization wanted to replace you with someone far better at your job than you, what would they look for? – Linchpin If you’re struggling with clients, ask yourself the same question the same question. “If my clients wanted to replace me with someone far better, what would they look for?” For many people, […]

Some thoughts on figuring out your 5 differentiators

Some questions about your business: What is your favourite thing to do and sell? What part of your work gets you jumping out of bed with energy? What thing in your industry do you hate? What do you hate about how you currently work? What is the most profitable thing you do and sell? Who […]

What are the habits of high performers?

What is it that makes high performers, high performers? What is it that puts them above the “rest of us?” I know you’re asking that question because you want to see the same type of success/money/freedom that the high performers you know have. That is the purpose of High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. Burchard […]

@rezzz and @chrismarr101 on the future of sales and marketing

Chris Marr and Jason Resnick talk about the future of sales and marketing. This is great podcast about how you can leverage your content to reach your audience. I’ll be looking harder at how I use the titles in my blog posts in the future. One extra tip is to use Quora to see the […]

There is no ultimate “right” answer

We shouldn’t seek to find the ultimate “right” answer for ourselves, but rather, we should seek to chip away at the ways that we’re wrong today so that we can be a little less wrong tomorrow. – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F- – k This begs the question, what did you do […]

A short list of who helped me in 2018 already

One reason people struggle to gain influence in their personal and professional lives is that they simply don’t ask for what they want. This is, in part, because people drastically underestimate the willingness of others to engage and help. – High Performance Habits Here is a short list of who has helped me in 2018 […]